Onscreen Padmavati, Deepika Padukone Throws An Impromptu Party

deepika padukone padmavati

The release of Deepika Padukone starrer Padmavati is yet about three to four weeks away, but our onscreen Padmavati throws an impromptu party already to celebrate the response that she has been receiving.

Right from the first Queen look of Deepika that came out, to the trailer and then the first song, Ghoomar which saw Deepika in one of her most mesmerizing avatars, everyone has been applauding Deepika’s perfect portrayal.

The response to each content piece has been so overwhelming that the actress planned an impromptu party today (4th Nov) to celebrate the same.

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A source close to Deepika shares, “Deepika is in a celebratory mood. She is extremely happy to share this moment with everyone who is close to her. Wherever she has been going off late, be it events or other gatherings, people cannot stop raving about her beauty, grace and talent.”

This is the kind of response which is expected after the release of a film but for this film, all that response and more have come to Deepika already.

The actress is not just looking the part playing the most beautiful woman, but even nailing every frame with her talent.

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