OOPS! After Sunil Grover, Another Team Member REFUSES To Shoot With Kapil Sharma


Comedian Kapil Sharma’s biggest fight with Sunil Grover has become a talk of the town.

Days after their ugly fight on a flight from Australia to India, Kapil Sharma has finally apologised. Kapil took to twitter and said that he is sorry for what he did. Hours after Kapil apologised; Sunil Grover broke his silence and replied back. He exposed Kapil Sharma like never before and gave him a piece of advice that might surely leave the comedian star embarrassed and shocked.

In the most polite way, Sunil said in his long post that not all are as talented and as successful as Kapil is. He also thanked Kapil Sharma in a sarcastic way for making him realise that it’s his show and that he has the power to throw anybody, anytime. He also advises Kapil Sharma to not act like a “God”.

Sunil Grover captioned the long post as, “From a friend, with love @KapilSharmaK9”

Now as per reports, Kapil Sharma’s another team member and childhood friend Chandan Prabhakar has expressed his disappointment in the issue. Chandan Prabhakar thinks that what happened with Sunil was not right and so, he even skipped the shooting of the upcoming episode of “The Kapil Sharma Show”

Talking to an entertainment portal, Chandan Prabhakar revealed that he did not shoot for the episode today and reasoned that he is not available. When further asked about Kapil and Sunil’s fight, he refused to talk about the same, which showed that their fight was really not small.

Well, now it remains to see how Sunil and Kapil sort the matter. This looks pretty serious and if Sunil has really quit the show, Kapil Sharma has to suffer the loss of immensely loved talent by the audience.