Paparazzi On The Prowl: Aamir Khan Spotted Taking A Stroll


[imagebrowser id=245] MUMBAI: Bollywood actor Aamir Khan was recently spotted by our eager beaver shutterbugs in the suburbs of Bandra, in Mumbai.

Caught in the noir hours, Aamir exuded boyish charm as he was presumably visiting some of his superstar friends and family in the neighbourhood. Looking fresh-faced in a clean shaven, casual avatar, Aamir took our breath away just with his nighttime neighbourhood stroll, with bodyguards in tow.

‘Talaash’ filmmaker Farhan Akhtar believes superstar Aamir Khan leads credibility to a project, and that his link with a supernatural thriller like ‘Talaash’ itself, spoke volumes about the film’s content. “It automatically speaks something about the content of the film. He is someone who is known to attach himself to a film that has a serious story to tell and something new to share with people.”

Farhan further added, “He is known to do that and when he attaches himself to a movie like ‘Talaash’, it automatically sends out a signal to the people that there must be something interesting going on in the movie.”

Farhan, however, concedes that it is most likely that Aamir’s celebrity status is one of the major reasons why people come to watch a film. “This is completely apart from his celebrity status. That of course brings in numbers and it brings a lot of people wanting to watch him as fans, but also, I think it brings in certain credibility to a project.”