PK: Raj Kumar Hirani Turns Choreographer For Aamir Khan And Anushka Sharma

Rajkumar-hirani,-aamir-khan,-anushkaRaj Kumar Hirani turns choreographer for Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma

For one of the songs in his awaited upcoming film, PK, Raj Kumar Hirani wanted a very different signature move.

The director was keen to have a non filmy choreographer for this particular song and they went on an extensive search to get someone unusual on board for this.

Artists from France, Bangalore and other places were auditioned but Raju was not satisfied with the groove of the signature move.

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Even people from the cast and crew were given a chance to try but to no solution.

Kiran Rao who was on set once also tried making a cool move but it did not fit the feel of the song.

Apart from that, even Anushka Sharma tried her hands at it.

Finally, it was Raj Kumar Hirani, who came up with a cool signature move for the song.

Bosco – Ceasar then came on board and choreographed the entire song in the same mood.

The song is a light mood song and the makers are very happy with the way it has turned out to look.

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