Please Keep Me In Your Prayers: Sanjay Dutt


MUMBAI: Sanjay Dutt, who was out of Yerawada Jail on furlough, has returned to the jail today at the end of a month’s furlough.

The actor initially had received a two-week furlough on account of medical reasons. This duration was extended to another two weeks.

Sanjay Dutt thanked his fans and the media while returning to Yerawada Jail. “Thank you for your support and I love you all. I’m going back now. Please keep me in your prayers that I return soon.”

Sanjay Dutt also gave an update about his leg, “It’s still bad but much better now.” While leaving, at the fag end, he also wished everyone a happy Diwali.

Sanjay Dutt returns to Yerawada Jail having served 18 months of his term.