‘Policegiri’ To Be Screened In Yerawada Jail For Sanjay Dutt?


MUMBAI: Sanjay Dutt may get to see his acting in ‘Policegiri’ after all. The makers of the film are planning to have a special screening of the film inside Yerawada Jail where Sanjay Dutt would be joined by the other inmates.


Producer Rahul Agarwal is trying to get the film screened at Yerawada Jail in Pune for the actor.

According to a source, this move is in gratitude to Sanjay Dutt for racing against time to finish filming on the movie. The source adds, “Now it’s the makers’ turn to do something for the actor.”

Rahul Agarwal says, “Yes, we were told that the inmates are allowed one movie screening each month. We hope we get permission soon.”

Whether the makers will get permission to screen the film at the time of release or later is not known. If the movie is eventually screened at Yerawada Jail, Sanjay Dutt fans would like to know the feedback the film received from the inmates.