Priyanka Chopra Speaks Up On Racism She Faced In America

Priyanka-ChopraBollywood actress Priyanka Chopra who has nailed it with her outstanding performance in her first Hollywood show ‘Quantico’ speaks about how she was bullied during her school days in US and how now her show ‘Quantico’ would break the ‘stereotype’ of Indian culture that is mind set into western countries.

During her recent interview, the actress said how she faced racism problem during her school days in America and that made her come back to India. She was bullied every time and was called ‘Brownie, go back on the boat you came from’.

The actress who plays the role of FBI agent Alex Parish in ‘Quantico’, said that when opportunities came her way for singing in western countries, she tried to bring her talent relevant to Indian.

Actress who has given hits like Mary Kom, Fashion and many more also said that  our accent is made fun of where we do not speak like that at all. Questioning ‘why do we have Indians stereotyped? The actress said we are proud of our big families, not every one is same like other.

Giving a powerful statement the actress said, “My point is that in global pop culture we are represented like that. I wanted to break that. It annoyed me that my country is seen only like that”

Talking about her role in the ‘Quantico’, The show that would go on air this fall features Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, Hollywood actors Dougray Scott, playing Agent Liam O’Connor, Jake McLaughlin. The actress plays the role of FBI agent Alex Parish and the show chronicles her chaotic journey at the FBI academy, Quantico.

Priyanka Chopra gets trapped in a conspiracy set up against her as the mastermind behind the ‘biggest attack on New York City since 9/11. But the actress finds her way to get the truth out of it. Priyanka’s life changes along with the diverse group of after the training at FBI Quantico base.

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