Priyanka Chopra’s FIRST EVER Item Song In ‘Zanjeer’


MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra has sworn off specially interpolated songs and dances. At least for  films starring other leading ladies. But she has now agreed to perform one special song and dance for her own film ‘Zanjeer’. Her consent to what was so far for her a taboo kingdom, has sent the film’s makers into a state of urgent preparation.

Apparently Priyanka has made it very clear that her career’s first item song has to be very special, and very different from what has been done in the gyration genre in the last couple of years.

Apparently the film’s music producer Bhushan Kumar has personally decided to revise Priyanka’s introductory song to ensure it doesn’t offend moral sensibilities of Priyanka or the public.

Says a source close to the project, “Also, and this is a very big rider, Priyanka wants not a whiff  of vulgarity in the words or dance movements. She would in any case not like to be ever associated with anything even remotely suggestive. But now with the country seething with rage about the commodification of women in films, Priyanka won’t go anywhere near an even remotely vulgar dance step or lyric.”

The ‘Zanjeer’ team, we hear, is biting its nails in suspense. Apparently Ganesh Acharya has been invited to choreograph Priyanka’s big introductory song in ‘Zanjeer’. But on the condition that Priyanka can reject the steps or even the entire number.

Anand Raj Anand would be writing and composing the song, again condition to the performer’s comfort and approval.

Says the source, “It’s a tall order, boss. But we see PC’s point of view. Nowadays one can’t be too careful. Also, we don’t want another ‘Chikni chameli’ or ‘Fevicol’. If PC is doing her first item number it would have to have her own distinct stamp.”