Raaes Director Impressed By Shah Rukh Khan’s Dedication 


Shah-Rukh-Kajol-Ddlj-11Shah Rukh Khan‘s much anticipated upcoming film Raaes‘ director Rahul Dholakia is deeply impressed by SRK‘s dedication. In a recent interview, director Rahul Dholakia reminisced the time when he went to SRK after almost a year to narrate the other half of the story and how SRK remembered every single tiny detail from the first narration.

Rahul revealed, “I went back to him with the second-half of the script after almost a year. He remembered details from the first narration that even I had forgotten. This kind of dedication coming from a superstar of his stature left me deeply impressed.”

The director further revealed that it wasn’t actually that difficult to convince SRK. When Rahul had gone to narrate the script to SRK with the producers Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar, SRK showed interest in the story. “I think Shah Rukh got interested. Because at mid-point he said he’s doing the film. I felt like a schoolboy who has just been told he has passed. It’s every director’s nightmare that an actor would get bored during the script narration,” Rahul said.

In the film, SRK plays a man straight from the ghetto in Gujarat. The film will be shot in Mumbai on a set representing the slums of Ahmedabad. We’ll get to see SRK in a totally different avatar. Not only will he dress differently, but he’ll also speak in a particular manner.

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