Shah Rukh Khan: I Don’t Like People Smoking Around Me


Shah-Rukh-SSK-022Bollywood’s King Khan left everyone in a confused state of mind after tweeting a very mysterious picture recently. Shah Rukh Khan tweeted a picture in which we see three images of him, in one image we see him smoking while in other two images, the actor is looking at different sides. At a press conference for his new TV game show ‘India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun, SRK explained the whole concept and message that the image is trying to portray.

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SRK said, “I tweeted that the two people, next to the person, don’t talk to people who smoke cigarettes.” The Happy New Year star went further on and revealed that even though he hasn’t yet given up smoking, he doesn’t like it when there are people smoking around him. SRK also asked people to not smoke. “Yes, smoking is a bad thing as I always say. Please do not smoke. I am going to give up smoking very soon. I am trying to quit it as soon as possible and when I do, I will make a huge announcement and share the good news with everyone.”

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Well, we certainly hope he does. We wish Shah Rukh Khan all the very best. A lot of power to you, SRK. You can do this!

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