Rajnikanth’s Sivaji now in 3D!

Rajnikanth’s Sivaji now in 3D!
Rajnikanth’s Sivaji now in 3D!
Rajnikanth’s Sivaji is being converted to 3D in Chennai.

MUMBAI: The ‘Boss’ is coming back! Rajnikanth fans have reason to rejoice. The 2007 blockbuster, Sivaji – The Boss is being converted to 3D at the Prasad EFX studio in Chennai. The movie is most likely to be re-released by this September.

[quote]“The challenge was to retain the original quality, the original detailing. It took us a whole year with almost 400 people working on the project. We spared no efforts, didn’t compromise anywhere, and we hope the end product will speak for itself,” said Director, Prasad group of Companies, A.Sai Prasad.[/quote]

Directed by Shankar and starring Shriya Saran as the female lead, and Suman as the villian. The plans to convert the movie into a 3D film happened by chance. [quote]Producer MS Guhan reveals the story, “It was sometime last June when I met up with Sai and he said that he had the technology to convert existing 2D films into 3D and he showed me some Hollywood films that they’d done work for and it was very impressive and he said why don’t we try doing Sivaji because it’s got that grandeur and it’s an apt movie for this technology”.[/quote]

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