Ram Gopal Varma Creates Savitri Controversy


SAvitri1 [tps_footer]Ram Gopal Varma used to specialise in mafia movies and gave us gems like Company, Shiva and Satya. But that was when he was still sane. Today, he specialises in creating controversies for getting attention.

Recently, he questioned Lord Ganesha’s might, invoking many people on Twitter. Once that died down, he decided to take out his next raamvan. This time it is the poster of his upcoming film Savitri that has created a stir.

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The poster shows a young boy ogling at the naval of a grown up saree-clad woman. Now you know what that transpires. Many have taken offence to the poster but Ram Gopal Varma doesn’t care.

In fact, he went ahead and started luring the audience to get involved in the film more. The press note he sent read, “Who is your Savitri? Please share the experiences of such Savitris, so we would incorporate them in this movie. So, Get Lucky with Savitri.”

Well, trust only RGV to come up with such antics. Anybody interested? Contact RGV!

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