Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif Break-Up: Who Said I Broke Up?


[tps_footer]Tabu and Katrina Kaif, both, were invited for an interview in a leading news channel, their friendship and understanding was clearly visible and both were in a happy and fun mood throughout the interview. But, don’t forget they are “Actors”, certainly know what to say and when ? But still we were expecting some guts and direct answers from Katrina Kaif on her recent break up “rumour” news with Ranbir Kapoor. I guess.. We expected too much from her 😉


Fitoor” is going to release soon and the star cast is leaving no opportunity to promote their movie. During, the interview and promotions of “Fitoor“, Katrina was asked about her current relationship status and about her break up. She ended up saying that she was not in relationship, hence no break up and since there was no break up, she is single. Woww ! Katrina, you really think we are dumb ??

Come on Girl !! Have guts to accept a relation that lasted almost six years. So, for so many years only speculations were happening, nothing else ??? Yes, ofcourse, because of media. We are such a pain in Stars lives 😉 😉 But they can’t live without us either. And living in together with Ranbir, Spacing from Salman Khan and now again closeness. All of these are mere rumours.


One request, please show those Acting skills even “on screen” in your movies the way you spoke, reacted and showed in the interview. That was a good performance. And Tabu, she played her “partner in crime”, backing Katrina and all her answers. So, are we getting to see new best friends in the industry ? Let’s see how long “yeh dosti yeh dono nahi todengay”. We hope it stays even after movie releases.

When asked about her Valentine’s day plan, Katrina said she will celebrate it with the cast and crew of “Fitoor“. Pure heart !! 100%[/tps_footer]