Revealed: Saif Ali Khan Faced Threats For Marrying Kareena Kapoor?

Saif-Ali-Khan-5121Saif Ali Khan is well read and widely educated. He may come across as a playful actor with a certain amount of temper issues, but he isn’t a person who minces words. His recent column in Indian Express on intermarriages have been greatly appreciated everywhere for its secular colour. Here are our observations on the column.

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Saif revealed how things were tough for Senior Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore to settle down as both belonged to separate religions. They had to ward off death threats to become one. Even his grandmother had to fight for her love and so his family as always been a crusader for love. Even he faced similar threats when he married Kareena.

Saif rightly mentions about the promiscuous nature of ‘doubt’. He is even intrigued by the ‘politics of doubt’. Truly, doubts have brought down empires and yet it still continues to create a mess in our lives.

He also mentions how religion and law have combined in India. He emphasizes on keeping them separate because that leads to different set of rule for different people. Not so long ago, Saif had issues getting a place of his own because he is a Khan. This could stem out from that very fact.

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