Revealed: The Secret To Madhuri Dixit’s Million Dollar Smile

Madhuri Dixit-Nene has revealed the secret to her million dollar smile!

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MUMBAI: The gorgeous Bollywood diva Madhuri Dixit has revealed the secret to her million dollar smile!

The actress spilled some juicy secrets at the Oral B ‘Smile India Movement’ here in Mumbai. Madhuri ‘dhak dhak’ Dixit -Nene has been appointed the ‘Chief Smile Officer’ of the initiative, and she looked like a million bucks (in a simple yet elegant Zara white blouse, white blazer and blue jeans), as she harped on about the importance of oral hygiene. We caught up with the lovely lady who, toothbrush in hand, wants to transform India, one smile at a time.

Said Madhuri: “I’m so grateful for the love that people have showered on me so far. But I’d also like to say something serious and important at this platform; that dental hygiene is very important. People don’t take it seriously. We want people to take it seriously, and if you do, even you can have a smile like me!”

A firm believer in the transforming power of dental hygiene, Madhuri stated that she feels a healthy smile can make such a difference to one’s confidence and overall personality. “If your teeth are healthy and strong you can smile confidently and it looks so good when people are confident about their smile. I urge everyone to brush twice a day, and visit the dentist every six months. I know people are afraid of their dentists, but don’t be! They’re your friends and they are only helping you to get a better smile,”smiled the beautiful Bollywood actress.

Madhuri Dixit, who will be seen next in a biopic on revolutionary Sampat Pal’s life in ‘Gulabi Gang’, is urging Indians to be particular about oral hygiene. And we’re sure that since Madhuri Dixit has said it, a majority of Indians will be seen lining up outside dentists’ offices in the near future. For we all want to have a million dollar smile like Mrs. Dixit-Nene, don’t we?!

Smile India, smile. Madhuri Dixit says so.

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