Sachin Tendulkar’s Message To Aamir Khan About PK Success



It’s very rare that someone gets a chance to say that I had told you exactly this. Now it is Sachin Tendulkar who has been saying this to Aamir Khan.

When Sachin watched the recently released film, PK, he was the one who said it is Aamir’s best performance ever. And now everyone has been saying the same thing to Aamir.

The film is not just garnering immense accolades and love from across the globe for the entertainer that it is but everyone has also been particularly raving about Aamir’s performance in the film.

Everyone feels his performance is notches higher and the best that they have seen of Aamir, which is saying a lot.

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He was seen essaying the role of an alien. It was the first time an Indian portrayed such a character and successfully so.

The feedback that Aamir has been receiving is that while he has delivered such phenomenal performances, his performance in PK exceeds them all.

Sachin has been sending messages to Aamir saying I told you so with a smile every time he hears someone saying that the film is Aamir’s best performance.

He even called Aamir when the PK hit 300 cr club (336.53cr till Sunday) talking​ about how the film would be his best ever. To this the humble actor had to agree to Sachin’s judgment.

Aamir Khan’s Spokesperson confirms the news and adds, “Since Sachin had seen the film he has been trying to convince Aamir that PK is his best so far whereas the actor constantly kept denying it. Now there is an easy banter going on between Sachin and Aamir where Sachin has been telling Aamir “I told you so.”

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