Salman Khan BREAKS All TRP Records With Bigg Boss 11 Yet Again!

Salman Khan Bigg Boss 11

Salman Khan delivers big with ‘Bigg Boss’ yet again!

Bigg Boss is one of televisions biggest reality show and also most watched show.

However Bigg Boss can never be imagined without Salman Khan’s presence.

It has been 8 consecutive years Superstar Salman Khan has been hosting Bigg Boss.

Salman Khan’s presence in the show makes it hit high TRP benchmark with every season.

Big Boss 11 has Salman once again delievering on the small screen taking the the reality show to new heights.

The talented actor is touted  as one of the most spontaneous and entertaining host on Hindi Television.

Over the years Salman Khan has known to woo the audience with his funny one liners and humorous antics.

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With every new season Salman Khan sets new precedents for reality shows on Television. Every season he takes Bigg Boss to new levels holding tremendous viewership across India.

Salman Khan commands huge fanbase across the country and this translates into high TRP ratings for the show. With the actor appearing on the small screen every weekend with ‘Weekend ka Vaar’ striking chords with the audience.

Be it his carefree attitude, his entertaining acts or his massive fan following, Salman Khan on Big Boss is irreplaceable.

The superstar is a complete entertainment package taking interest level of audience at a peak.

Needless to say with TRP’s of Bigg Boss topping charts, Salman Khan not only rules over Bollywood but over Television as well.