Salman Khan Cuts Back The Carbs Amidst Fears Of His Expanding Midriff


MUMBAI: Bollywood’s original ‘fitness fiend’, as Salman Khan is known, is having a bit of a tussle on the weighing scale. The uber fit and muscular superstar has gained a few pounds, and is now having to cut back on the carbs, to address his expanding mid-riff problem.

Though Salman has an enviable track record at the box office, his health and fitness haven’t been up to par off late. After been battling several health issues, including a nerve disorder, Salman now has to worry about piling on the pounds.

Salman’s growing midriff has become a cause for worry for the ‘Dabangg 2’ superstar. Having piled on a few kilos during festive season, Salman is now keen on working hard to get back into shape. So much so, that he even made a joke out of his expanding paunch on ‘Bigg Boss’ recently.

Salman was among the first actors to take up fitness seriously, and has inspired countless of younger actors to focus on washboard abs. The ‘Tiger’ of Bollywood is now following a strict new diet and exercise regimen. Reveals a source, “His major concern was his spreading mid-riff. The paunch was visible, and despite the biceps and the broad shoulders, the belly was not to be tamed.”

Salman has reportedly drastically cut down on carbs- it’s strictly no biryani, no rice, and no rotis for the dedicated superstar. Salman has now included plenty of water and tons of fruits in his diet. And he has cut down on smoking and is nearly off the habit completely.

“When you cut down on carbs you need to increase your protein intake. Though he has cut down on his meat intake, he is making it up with protein shakes,” says another source who takes care of his diet while on shoots.

Besides his diet, Mr. Khan has also made changes in his exercise regimen. “Because of his health issues, he has been advised to stay away from heavy weights. Instead of his earlier routine of lifting heavy weights, he now lifts lighter ones but has increased the sets.”

The new fruity diet is apparently already showing results – the actor has been feeling fitter and fresher. And now he is reporting to shoots on time, which is an absolute first in his long career.