Did Salman Khan Just Confirm On Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif’s Break-Up?


[tps_footer]Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s break up is garnering all the eyeballs since last one month. While its still being speculated if they actually broke up or it’s a publicity stunt, actor recently Salman Khan accidentally confirmed that the two have broken up.

While Katrina Kaif is smartly dodging the questions on her break-up at ‘Fitoor’ promotions, Ranbir Kapoor has smartly managed to stay from everything. When the two chose to stay mum over their break-up, actor Salman Khan has actually confirmed over it.

Yes, recently at an event in Gondia, Salman Khan was in all praises for his former girlfriend Katrina Kaif. The actor complimented that nobody is hardworking as Katrina Kaif in the industry and that she herself is the reason for her success.

Well, not leaving the opportunity, hinting on Ranbir and Katrina Kaif’s break up and their past holiday pictures (Ibiza beach pictures with Ranbir), the reporter at the event asked Salman Khan, “Photos with someone on the beach and thank you to you?”

Well, it seems here Salman accidentally revealed that Ranbir and Katrina Kaif have actually broken up. The actor replied saying, “I think that is a very old talk …I think the sides have now changed as that’s what I think …this is what I have heard from outside.”  

When he was asked about his frequent meet with Katrina Kaif nowadays, he replied saying, “Yes. It’s called Fitoor…deewangi…pagalpan. She is doing a film and I was doing Bigg Boss. She had come to my show to promote her film and I was happy to meet her. Then she went to Krishna’s comedy show and I was shooting in the vicinity for Sultan. When I learnt that she is around, I thought I should go and meet her. When I arrived, she was busy giving her shot and I just walked up to her on to the stage. I thought the channel would edit it out. But they didn’t.”[/tps_footer]