Salman Khan Lashes Out At ‘Range Rover’!


SALMAN 09102013

MUMBAI: Many Twitter users know the power of tweeting about the bad qualities of a particular brand just to attract that brand’s attention and also spread word about it. Now Salman Khan has done the same.

Salman Khan took to the Twitter-verse to talk about his usually trusted ally – his Range Rover. Unfortunately it has failed him very often, and because of the lax customer service, he has complained about the brand.

So if the car failed him, he got a chance to get into a rickshaw. Salman Khan sure must have made the rickshaw-wala’s day.

Hope Salman Khan gets his Range Rover prepared and can make it on time for shoots of ‘Jai Ho’ and ‘Kick’. His next release ‘Jai Ho’ is slated for 24 January, 2014.