Salman Khan Now Plagued By Skin Allergies


MUMBAI: Salman Khan’s woes do not seem to be at an end this week. First, there was a lot of buzz around the infamous ‘hug’ he shared with his arch-nemesis Shah Rukh Khan at an iftar party over the weekend, then came his legal troubles with his hit-and-run court case, and now, Salman’s latest source of trouble seems to be a skin infection.


Reportedly, Salman Khan was left with a nasty rash after using a particular make-up product while shooting for the promos of ‘Bigg Boss’. The shoot even had to be delayed for nearly half an hour, to clear up the redness in Salman Khan’s face.

Revealed a source on the unit: “After using some makeup product, Salman got a skin reaction. There were rashes on his face. The shoot was stalled for about 30 minutes as the redness on his face had to ease out.”

The superstar though was unfazed by the allergic reaction, and chose to resume shooting as soon as the redness subsided. The source continued: “You will never see him overreact to things like these. He was cool about the whole thing.”

Now that’s what we call ‘Being Dabangg!’