BABY ON BOARD: SRK Is Multi Tasking Against Doctor’s Orders


MUMBAI: Shah Rukh Khan is known for the insane amount of energy and enthusiasm he possesses. Sadly, this is a worrying factor for his doctors.


Shah Rukh Khan had undergone a surgery over a month ago but is still recuperating. Because of this, his doctors had advised him to at least ten hours of sleep. But Shah Rukh Khan has not heeded that advice.

Firstly, with the new-born child in his family, Shah Rukh Khan has been busy being a father to a young one all over again. Secondly, his new film ‘Chennai Express’ is soon on its way.

A source says, “Last week, SRK shot a tough song with Deepika for 18 hours a day over two days. Later, he shot for an ad the entire day. Also, he is dubbing for ‘Chennai Express’ till at least 3 in the morning. He reaches Mannat by 4 am and is up by 8 am. Post which, he moves on to his most important meetings for the day. He hardly sleeps.”

Besides this, the actor has also been shooting for various TV shows, promoting the film. “He is planning to cover two cities every day on his promotional tour. Also, a video game based on the film is being launched and he plans to perform live stunts to launch the same,” the source adds.

Knowing Shah Rukh Khan, this isn’t surprising. He has always been a workaholic, while providing enough time to his family too. If that comes at the cost of his own self, so be it. His fans would like it if he took better care of himself too. No one would want Shah Rukh Khan out of service for a while surely.