Salman Khan Will Not Marry Iulia Vantur?

Salman-Khan-Iulia-Vantur[tps_footer]A lot has been said and written about Bollywood actor Salman Khan‘s alleged affair with Romanian beauty and television presenter, Iulia Vantur. Recently, the two made headlines on their secret trip to Dubai, but what we are revealing now is really shocking.


Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur know each other since few years now and their together appearances at various places have left people assuming that the two are secretly dating each other. We all know how much Iulia Vantur admires the actor, we don’t know how much is the same from Salman Khan’s end for Iulia.

A source close to the actor EXCLUSIVELY revealed to us that, “Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur’s conversation over the phone is quite disrespectful a couple of times, Salman doesn’t look much in love with her, yes, they are good friends. Salman has done a lot for her. I have heard them a couple of times over the phone, they are quite blunt and impolite towards each other.”


Well, Salman Khan is apparently very possessive about his alleged ladylove, but doesn’t seem like the duo will get married with each other, as reported by a source close to the actor.

Also, the source revealed to us that Salman is seen spending time with Sangeeta Bijlani. Well, Salman Khan’s personal life has always been talk of the town and moreover on his alleged affairs. Former couple’s closeness was very much visible during Arpita Khan Sharma’s baby shower. From receiving the actress from her car, to being by her side throughout the event, Salman still seems to be very fond of his ex-flame Sangeeta Bijlani.[/tps_footer]