Salman Khan’s Big Plans For Being Human


Salman Being human MainSlowly but steadily, the macho and Dabangg superstar Salman Khan is turning into a shrewd, able businessman! With the success of his Being Human Line of clothing, Salman is gearing up for a renewed phase of expansion.

Speaking about his future plans for the charitable organisation he runs, under which the Being Human brand operates, Salman Khan proudly said: “We are doing pretty okay and now we want to start cafes, gyms and all that kind of stuff. All the money we make will go straight back into the charitable trust after paying taxes.”

Number crunching has never exactly seemed to be the chilled- out Khan’s forte, but Salman talked figures, when he added, “A lot of people are buying ‘Being Human’ clothing and we are doing pretty well. This year we plan to open about 40 more stores and we would be in about 1,850 selling points. Plus we have tied up with Sri Lanka.”

In one year alone, Salman Khan’s Being Human Line of clothing has seen mass popularity. With the flagship store located in Mumbai, and with the brand retailing in multiple locations all over the country, including Bangalore, Chandigarh, Vadodara etc, the line of clothing and apparel is going great guns.

Said Salman, admitting that the pickup hasn’t been as fast as they would have loved: “We are trying to start as many permanent things, that’s the reason we are slow. It shouldn’t be that we start something in a hurry and then it shuts down. We got the clothing line and it’s doing really well. Then we will start a few more things.”

The jovial Salman Khan added, “The important thing is that whoever we want to partner with, we want them to make money. Then it’s their call whether they want to give it to charity or keep it for themselves.”