Salman Khan’s Reveals His Most Dirtiest Secret And It’s Not What You Think


Koffee with Karan gets out things buried deep under the closets. Sometimes it’s the skeletons of the past and sometimes its underwear. Confused? Well, the 100th episode of Koffee With Karan on coming Sunday will be braced by Salman Khan and his brother Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan.

With the each passing episode, we surely get to know something too private for the guests. Each time Karan Johar, the host, manages to pull them out. On the 100th episode with Salman, we expect nothing short of unknown revelations.

The teaser, gives us the sneak peak in what seems to be a hilarious episodes. The ‘dirty secret’ about Salman Khan that was revealed was that he, Arbaaz and Sohail used to share their underwears!! The expression on the face of Karan says it all!!!

Salman is also seen confessing that he is not good in relationships, when Karan Johar points out that he has had serious relationships in the past. Arbaaz Khan was quick to interject that at that time, Salman was good to other people. We wonder what that means!

Katrina Kaif also seems to have received mentions on this episode. Even before Karan could give Sohail the options for ranking, Salman was quick to cut Karan short and say that Katrina Kaif is the best actress all the way for him. The funny thing is, the question was not even directed to him.

It didn’t end there. Salman even attempted Katrina’s signature Sheila ki Jawani step and his attempt was done the Sallu way! Did you notice Sohail saying, ‘We don’t have the right to do that.’(imitate Katrina’s dance).

Seems like the brothers are out there to reveal all that they possibly can and make the 100th episode the most memorable one! Can’t wait to see the entire episode!!

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