Salman Khan’s Leading Lady In ‘Sher Khan’ Is Angela Johnson

Salman Khan and Angela Johnson
Salman Khan and Angela Johnson
Salman Khan and Angela Johnson

It’s finally happening for Angela Johnson. After a nearly 2-year wait, her celluloid debut is happening.

Salman Khan has not only given his final nod to Angela as his leading lady in his prestigious home production Sher Khan, director Sohail Khan has dropped the second leading lady’s part, so that the focus of attention would be completely on the lissom Ms Johnson.

Says a source close to the project, “There were two leading ladies in the script. But now the second girl’s role has been scrapped, so that Angela gets full attention.”

Angela would also be required to train in some serious martial arts since her part in Sher Khan is being described as a “combination of Lara Croft and Fearless Nadia”.

Several elaborate action scenes are planned for the leading lady. She would be trained by a slew of international stunt-men.

All this pampering for the debutante comes with a price. Angela who has so far been in the news for her various link-ups (imaginary or otherwise) had been asked to “disappear” from public attention.

The girl is virtually under house curfew!

Says the source, “Late nights, media events, awards functions, public performances, showroom inaugurations… have all been banned for now. Angela has been asked to avoid public attention as much as possible. Salman wants her to be unveiled to the public as a complete newcomer in Sher Khan.”

Says the Sher Khan director Sohail Khan, “Now there’s only one girl in Sher Khan. The second role didn’t shape up well enough. So we removed it from the script.”

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