Sanjay Dutt And Shahraan Discuss Football!


Sanjay Dutt who is considered as one of the Bollywood trend setters is also a daddy cool for his son Shahraan. The actor who has twins Shahraan and Iqra are very close to the actor.

However very few know that the actor has long discussions with Shahraan over Football. Shahraan loves the sport and also goes to play almost alternative days.

Sanjay keeps a check if he has gone for the practice and also discusses the game. Shahraan who is a football fan is been encouraged by his dad to play the game and helps him in all possible manner. Sanjay Dutt makes sure that Shahraan never misses out on his football sessions and makes a point to accompany him whenever required.

Spokesperson further added Sanjay and Shahraan share common likes, the father, and son duo discuss about the game at length sharing their best tricks”

Father-Son have bond very well over their football sessions since both of them have the similar liking towards the game. Be it some new tricks or some new formulas on saving and scoring a goal. Shahraanloves it when his dad accompanies him on the football grounds and gets even more excited.

Sanjay has always been a cool daddy by supporting his kids in all possible ways. Be it for the football sessions or PTA meets Sanjay Dutt proves to be a dotting father.