Sayani Gupta’s Missed Call Nightmare


Sayani-Gupta-[tps_footer]What happens when you get a call from one of the biggest casting company in India and you miss it !

This is what happened with Sayani Gupta who almost missed a message she received from the casting team for FAN.


The story dates back when the actress received a message on her Facebook and she ignored it thinking its one of those many unwanted messages. However, call it intuition or plain luck she was playing around with her phone at night when she decided to delete the inbox of all the unread messages. And to her surprise, there was that one most important message waiting for her response. In panic mode, Sayani replied to that message but she was pretty sure that she had missed her bus.


Remembering that, Sayani explains ,” I did not take it seriously at all. I anyway used to do too many auditions every day(sometimes 8 to 9). And this looked like an open casting call, whose deadline I had already missed). But apparently they were trying to get in touch with me for a while on my old phone no and then finally wrote to me on FB! Perks of Social media! I wrote back to them not expecting a reply, but to my surprise, I was called to Shanoo’s office for an audition. I also have to thank Shanoo’s team, especially Kavish for putting my name in a file they had made initially with the potential actresses who would suit the part! I also believe that auditions are the only way to find actors and have earned all my roles through auditions. One if the best things that have happened to our industry in recent times is a really talented bunch of casting directors who understand their job. Shanoo is known to be a star maker and I am incredibly thankful to her and her team! But also Maneesh Sharma, the director and Aditya Chopra for trusting her. By this time, the trailer of Margarita had just come out, and hence, the final leap of faith stemmed from that I guess! ”

Sometimes one has to be in the right place at the right time.[/tps_footer]