Why Did Shah Rukh Khan Leave Star Screen Awards Midway?

Their bromance has being spoken about more than any other romance in Bollywood these days. Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have seemed to bury their past in a way that it is even possible to believe that there was any cold war between the two Khans of Bollywood at one time. From parties to award shows to social media, the two have not missed an opportunity to praise and support the other.

The latest event was at Star Screen Awards when the duo came together to host an award function after a long time. Shah Rukh and Salman co-hosted a segment which became the highlight of the show.


Well, not everything went the way it was as expected. Shah Rukh left the venue midway. Why would that be? A source told a leading daily, “The show will be aired on December 31st so SRK and Salman were to do a segment for the New Year at the end of the show. They were to do some act on a tractor. However, Shah Rukh left before that and Salman hosted that part alone. It is not clear why he left but it was after the main awards – Best Actor – was announced. Wonder if he was upset that he didn’t win any award.

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