Why Did Shah Rukh Khan Not Promote HNY With Salman Khan In Bigg Boss 8?

SRK Bigg bossMedia questioned Shah Rukh Khan that they have promoted their film every where, but the  viewers and the media did not see the HNY team in Big Boss 8 for promotion.

Shah Rukh Khan cross-question the media that they were not there in Bigg Boss as they were busy promoting their film other places and eventually, they couldn’t take out time for Bigg Boss.

As we all know that there is a cold war between Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan but as usual both of them didn’t give any attention, they are just ignoring.

Shah Rukh Khan even mentioned in front of the media that the whole team of HNY apologized to Salman. Salman invited Shah Rukh Khan, Farah Khan and Deepika as well.

“The HNY team will surely meet Salman in Bigg Boss 8 when they will earn 100 crores in the Box Office”, said by Shah Rukh Khan.

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