Shah Rukh Khan Is Proud Of All His Films, Including The Flops!

SALMANSRKAJAY002The mark of a true superstar, they say, is the ability to not just revel in the great successes, but also to appreciate the failures and learn a thing or two from them. If that is really the case, then King Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan is the truest, bluest superstar of them all!

With a career spanning nearly two and a half decades, Shah Rukh Khan has come a long way. Right from his television days, Shah Rukh has seen both success and failure, in equal measure. What sets him apart, though, is his ability to take both in his stride.

Shah Rukh Khan feels that he is extremely fortunate to have survived in such a fickle industry, where the fate of an actor changes every Friday. Said the Baadshah Khan, tongue firmly in cheek, “I have done 70-80 films out of which 50 per cent are flops, still I am star! But those films are close to me.”

Buoyed by the recent super hits in his kitty, like the 2012 blockbuster Jab Tak Hai Jaan and the more recent, mammoth Chennai Express, Shah Rukh said that he feels extremely lucky to be a part of Indian cinema at this point in time, where filmmakers are really pushing the envelope, both in terms of scale and content.

“There are so many wonderful filmmakers and actors who are edgy and want to take risk, chances and take Indian cinema forward, the extent to which Indian cinema has shifted from just being a trend and fad internationally to becoming part and parcel (there),” Shah Rukh said.

Touching upon the global appeal of Bollywood these days, Shah Rukh added: “Bollywood was just a cool word earlier and it was all about singing and dancing… now when I travel abroad and talk about Bollywood, there is a sensibility and understanding of different mode of storytelling which is coming out of India.”

Despite the seemingly daunting flops he’s faced in his career, Shah Rukh Khan is raring to go. When a film doesn’t do as well as expected, Shah Rukh admits it hurts him immensely, but that one should still be proud of such films. He said recently, “The film that goes a little wrong (kharab) that should be your favourite and you should be proud of these films.”

As is evident to everyone, Shah Rukh Khan is still at the top of his game. Fans will be eager to see how big his next film, Farah Khan’s Happy New Year, will become in terms of Box Office and popularity.

All eyes on you, Mr. Khan.

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