Shah Rukh Khan Spoiled Romance For Women?


Shah-Rukh-Khan Bollywood’s King Khan have charmed audiences for years now. Shah Rukh Khan is known as King of Romance for a reason. The actor has given us many fantastic romantic films. From films like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge to Chenna Express, SRK has proved to be ‘The’ ideal lover. After all, his performances, dialogues, songs and his charming signature step has left a mark on thousands of people’s hearts. He made the idea of romance so beautiful but we wonder who thinks that SRK has spoiled romance for people, especially for female audiences?

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Yes, someone told SRK that he has spoiled romance for ladies, that he has sold them a lover that doesn’t exist in real life. It is unbelievable to even image that the actor, because of whom the idea of ‘true unconditional love’ is still alive and thriving, was told something like this! SRK took to his Twitter account to share what was floating inside his head. He tweeted, “Am told i spoilt romance for ladies.I sold them a non existent lover! Trust the love even if the lover falters..I say ”

“Trust the love even if the lover falters”, hear hear! We are sure that SRK‘s fans will agree with us when we say that SRK has only enhanced the feeling of love and not spoiled it.

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On work front, SRK just recently wrapped Croatia scheduled shoot of Maneesh Sharma’s upcoming film Fan. The actor will soon start shooting for Rahul Dholakia’s Raees and after that, he’ll join Rohit Shetty and team for Dilwale.

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