Why Shahid Is Confident About Haider’s Clash With Hrithik Katrina’s Bang Bang



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Why Shahid Is Confident About Haider’s Clash With Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif’s Bang Bang

Shahid Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan will clash at the box office on the second of October. Shahid believes that things are going to work in the favour of both the movies.

He feels that both the films belong to a different genre and that the Gandhi Jayanti five day long weekend will prove to be beneficial for these movies.  Along with other reasons here’s what he had said at a press conference earlier about his clash with the Hrithik Katrina commercial movie clashing at the box office..

Shahid Kapoor said at an event earlier, “ We knew pehle se hi ki Bang Bang was releasing on the same day as our film Haider. I hope Bang Bang does really well, I really like Hrithik’s work and its looking really good. I am very confident about my film. Haider is offering the audience, Bang Bang can’t offer and vice versa. So there are two very distinct choices for people to make”.

He further added, “A five day weekend which again very rarely happens. Three day weekend is enough to handle two big films and we have seen that in the past. Haider on a strict budget so for us to recover money it won’t take as much time as any other film of mine would have taken. So I have no reason to worry as such coz eventually people want to see good films.”

“Bang Bang is made at a very different budget and Haider on a different. So I don’t see them clashing in terms of offering the audience the same thing.” Shahid concluded.

We have seen many examples of big films clashing and both making huge profits right from the time of Gadar and Lagaan , so here’s wishing both the films the very best at the box office.

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