‘Sher Khan’ Is Salman Khan’s 2013 Eid Release, Sohail Confirms

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Fans of Salman Khan can rejoice. The superstar’s Eid release has been decided. It’s going to be the tough fantasy-action-advetnture thriller ‘Sher Khan’ after all.

The project was on hold after director Sohail Khan and his scriptwriters went into an anxious huddle over the spectacle-quotient and the stunts. While the special-effects in the film would cost an estimated Rs 12 crores, Salman’s stunts would have to be done skillfully by a body-double who, in the words of someone close to the Sher Khan project, “Won’t be a dead giveway like the guy in Ek Tha Tiger who did Salmanbhai’s stunts. One could easily make out he was a stand-in.”

But the clinching factor for Sher Khan was the stalling of the Sanjay Dutt starrer Sher.

Earlier when Sher was announced sources say Salman and brother Sher Khan director Sohail Khan were flabbergasted and outraged at this duplicity. But now with the future of Sher being uncertain (the film’s producers Ashtavinayak are in serious financial trouble) it is felt by Salman’s family and crew that Sher Khan is meant to be.

“It’s God’s decree, After Tiger, Bhai is destined to play Sher. We’re going ahead with Sher Khan for Eid 2013,” says source close to the project.

Salman Khan’s traditional Eid release was reported to be missing in 2013. Quick on the uptake other filmmakers desirous of cashing in on the evacuated coveted Eid slot next year, quickly began to plan a release.

However Salman Khan’s fans would be happy to know that the star won’t be missing for Eid 2013 from the movie theatres. The star’s home production Sher Khan directed by Sohail Khan is back on the track and would be released for Eid 2013.

Says a source close to the project, “Salmanbhai and Eid are synonymous in his fans’ minds. When the buzz spread that there may not be a Salman release for the next Eid, distributors across the country expressed dismay. Sher Khan which had gone into re-write, is now back on the right track.”

Apparently the script has been suitably revamped, keeping in mind Salman’s inability to perform dangerous stunts particularly those that expose his face to danger.

Says the source, “More than Salmanbhai’s stunts there will be lots of special-effects in the film. And that’s why Sher Khan would take longer than usual in the post-production. But Bhai is very clear on this. Sher Khan would have to be ready for Eid, come what may.”

When contacted Sohail Khan confirmed, “I start shooting Sher Khan from January 2013. I start casting and finalizing locations from next month.”

So far Angela Johnson is confirmed in the cast opposite Salman. Another leading lady, most probably Priyanka Chopra, is being finalized.