Shilpa Shetty Reveals On Split With Husband Raj Kundra


Shilpa-Raj-Kundra-New[tps_footer]We were all taken by surprise when word hit the town that the marriage might be hitting the rocks for Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra. This adorable couple has been our goals like from real long, so it is disappointing when such news flies about in the air. It all started with a rumour that Raj was spending way too much time working and hence Shilpa felt left out and ignored. Remember how they got back at the media by celebrating Shilpa’s birthday together? BURRRN, people. We couldn’t be happier for this lovey-dovey couple.

But soon Raj stepped in to handle the matter. He soon cleared all doubt as he said : “I love Shilpa and want to take care of her,” the business tycoon had said. Aww, how sweet!

On the other hand even Shilpa decided to open up about this matter as she spoke to a leading daily, “It is complete rubbish. I don’t even know where these rumours came from. I believe in the institution of marriage, and I love my husband. Many of my relatives from London, UK, called up, and they were really worried about these rumours. They were going through all the news channels back home.

See? Now that is some news. Way to go , you guys. We love you both. What do you guys think of this couple ?[/tps_footer]