Shocking: Pakistani Woman Crosses Border To Meet Salman Khan


Salman-PakistaniIt doesn’t come as a surprise when Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s die-hard fans come up publicly displaying their love and affection for the actor in some of the unexpected gestures. With recent released film of Salman Khan, fans have left no stone unturned to praise and appreciate Bajrangi Bhaijaan where the actor is seen facing every little consequences to return the little girl to her homeland in Pakistan.

From lining up long in queue outside theatres to standing day and night outside their houses, fans make every little effort to catch the glimpse of their favorite actors Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. Not just this, from fasting and going on huger strike to attempting suicide to take their misfortune on themselves, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s fans have special filters for the actors.

It’s a known fact that fans can go at any length to meet and express their love for their favourite celebrity but the recent instance has left us in shock. Crossing walls, crossing every line to meet your favourite star is all right at some point but what if crossing India-Pakistan border to meet your shrine?

Well, with the latest instance that we came across has surely left our eyes opened but moreover it seems that Salman Khan crossing the border for a good cause in reel life has turned into real life for someone.

According to the reports by IBN Live, on July 30th, 2015, a 27-year-old Pakistani woman was arrested at Jalandhar railway station, Punjab where she was found to have no passport, no Visa or any ticket with her. The woman claimed saying that she crossed the border to meet Bollywood’s two Khans, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

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The 27-year-old Pakistani woman named Chanda alleged that her documents and are with her family who departed at another station while travelling in the in Samjhauta Express.

In an interview with the same channel, the woman said that she has come to meet Salman Khan who does Bigg Boss and Shah Rukh Khan in Mumbai. “Agar aap mujhe unse mila de toh meherbani hogi warna mujhe Allah par yakeen hain,” she said very confiently while adding that her uncle had promised that he would help her meet them. “Aap Mujhe unse mila de, Pakistna bhej de ya goli maar de, yahi theen cheeze ho sakti hain.

Well, the police has now taken the case seriously and are currently investigating the whole matter as its not a gag to cross the border and land in India without any documents. The police are considering the case more seriously as Jalandhar is close to Gurdaspur where terrorist attack striked on Monday where 10 people died.

While police is wondering how the woman crossed the border where there is heavy security and so they are now probing the statements of the woman. There have been tight security laid down at the Attari check post, police are riding with a big question mark and are stumped with the bizarre reason given by the lady.

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