Shocking Truths About Shah Rukh Khan And Gauri Khan’s Love Story

Shah-Rukh-Gauri-03 [tps_footer]Shah Rukh Khan‘s love story with his wife Gauri is pretty unusual. Apart from the fact that they had an inter-religious marriage, they are as different aa chalk and cheese. But the they unlike poles attract. On her birthday, let us tell you about what Gauri and SRK spoke about each other.

1. Shah Rukh is a shy man so he had to mull over proposing marriage to Gauri for many days. He couldn’t muster the courage to propose to her. But one day he did. He took her out on a date in a Fiat and while dropping her home, he popped the question and fled. Yes, he didn’t even wait for her to say yes or no fearing the worse. But it seems Gauri did say yes!

2. When Gauri married SRK, they shifted to a small apartment in Mumbai. She didn’t like the place at all. She belonged to an affluent family. She wasn’t happy with SRK‘s career choice either and hoped strongly that he give flops which will change his mind. She wanted to go back to Delhi. His fans are glad Gauri‘s prayers didn’t come true.

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3. Gauri feels she is his biggest critic. She feels since nobody tells him his bad performances, he has no idea. But she feels the need to tell him. She is an audience and according to her, Shakti was his worst film. She made sure he knows that.

4. During Koffee With Karan, Gauri had revealed that if some say Shah Rukh falls for another woman she wouldn’t want him. She hopes she too moves on.

5. Shah Rukh Khan never thought Gauri could be a good mother. He never found her children-friendly. But it turns our she is amazing as a mother.

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