Singer Shaan Speaks Up On Not Getting Singing Offers Anymore And Its Really Sad!


Shaan was one of the most popular singers of older times.

The Bollywood singer Shaan was one of the most popular singers of the 90s and in the early 2000s. But we do not get to listen much from him now. And sadly, it is not the singer who is to be blamed. Because the reality is that he doesn’t get approached for work anymore.

The singer was at Saavn’s music show, Talking Music where he opened up on not getting work anymore in the industry. He spoke his heart out on how people’s choices have changed and as a result things have changed for him.

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He said, “Today you are as big as your social media following is. So, I’m just holding on to whatever I get as answers, because I really don’t have an answer to why suddenly no one wants to get me to sing for them. It’s not like I had a very dated style of singing or I had a very typical way of singing that I exhausted singing over the years.”
Recalling his successful phase and then comparing it with present time, he added on saying, “There was a time when without even knocking at any doors, things were just happening and now for me to do it I almost feel that log bolenge… ‘Shaan bechaara aake gaana maang raha tha yaar, kya time aa gaya hai na’. I don’t want someone to even come up with something like that.”
What the singer has said is completely true. And it is really disheartening to know it!
Talking about Shaan, he has given multiple hits in his music career. Along with being a singer, he is a music composer as well. You might recall him as the singer of the melodious song ‘Tanha Dil Tanha Safar’ and many more such hits in Bollywood films as well.