Sooraj Is Shaken: Aditya Pancholi on Jiah Khan’s Suicide


MUMBAI: They might have been in a relationship for close to a year, had a huge argument, but Sooraj Pancholi never would have imagined that it would get so ugly. Jiah Khan’s suicide has completely shaken him and he is hurt and shattered. In times of crisis, it is daddy Aditya Pancholi who lends a strong support.

The Juhu police, questioned Sooraj Pancholi, as he was the last person to speak to Jiah Khan. And suddenly with the interrogation Sooraj Pancholi is all in the news. He is still yet to make his Bollywood appearance, but with this sudden focus on him, Sooraj Pancholi seems to be victimized being the villain in Jiah Khan’s death.

Aditya Pancholi, says that his son is being made the villain, which he is not. He also is deeply upset and says that he and Sooraj, both did not think of troubles they will face and both felt right to attend Jiah Khan’s funeral. And this is what they are getting in return.

Aditya Pancholi also adds and says, “Sooraj and Jiah got to know each other just 9-10 months ago. But if things didn’t work out it is pointless to point a finger at the other person. Sooraj is going through a rough time and is hurt and shaken.”

He also says it is wrong to only blame the failed relation for the suicide. He lends his condolences to Jiah Khan’s family and stands by them in this time of sorrow.