Sooraj Pancholi: If It Hadn’t Been For Salman Khan, I Would Still Be Struggling!


Salman-Sooraj-pancholiSalman Khan who is known to launch new star kids in Bollywood has launched Aditya Pancholi’s son Sooraj Pancholi and Suniel Shetty’s daughter Athiya Shetty in his upcoming production film Hero, directed by Nikhil Advani.

It is known to all, that actor Sooraj Pancholi was facing a stressed life before Salman Khan introduced him in his production film Hero. The actor went through rough patches during his girlfriend Jiah Khan’s suicide case in the year 2013. But well, we say that Salman Khan has come up as a guardian angel for Sooraj who has given a ray of hope in his career.

Recently, during an interview with a leading daily, Sooraj Pancholi was asked about Salman Khan’s advice during Jiah Khan’s suicide case. To which he replied saying, “We didn’t talk during that time. The reason I love him so much is because if it hadn’t been for him or his support, I would still be struggling. I wouldn’t have been able to become an actor because this industry throws you away during such times. He hasn’t done that and has kept me close to his heart and I love him for that.”

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Sooraj Pancholi also opened up emotionally about his ex-flame Jiah Khan with whom he was in a relationship during the suicide incident. He said, “It was in nobody’s control. People didn’t realise that I had lost someone. I lost my girlfriend (Jiah) who I was seeing for the past few months and I was really upset. But I think it was destiny and it was written in book of life. People ask me what have I learnt from it. I don’t think of it as a lesson because I have not committed any mistake. There is nothing to learn from it. It was in nobody’s control and perhaps was meant to happen.”

Sooraj Pancholi is soon to make his debut on the silver screen with Athiya Shetty. The actors will be seen in the remake of Subash Ghai’s 1983 film Hero of the same name. The movie is slated to release on September 11, 2015; we hope it does great at the box-office.

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