Sooraj Pancholi Recounts His Jail Experience

After a 23 day jail ordeal, Sooraj Pancholi is back. The actor reveals that the jail sentence was pretty small compared to Jiah Khan’s loss and his attachment with the late actress remains even after her death.

MUMBAI: Sooraj Pancholi is back. After spending 23 days in jail, is all charged up ahead of his preparation for ‘Hero’ under the able guidance of Salman Khan. 


Recounting his bad days spent at the Santacruz and Arthur Road jail, Sooraj confesses being a witness to atrocities that happened in jail, between inmates and how violence between gangs were a regular feature. He was happy that he shared a cell with two non-criminal men, a builder and an income tax professional, and considered himself safe with the turn of events around him.

Like a loner he has always been (he stays separately in Juhu adjacent to where Jiah Khan stayed), he recounts that it was the common connection that Jiah Khan and he shared and it was their respective loneliness that brought them close to each other.

Sooraj isn’t bothered about the fact that his name will be attached to Jiah Khan and her suicide. Neither is he worried about their relationship which hit rocky roads. “I had no fear or guilt and in my heart I knew that just because we had up, it could not be considered wrong.” According to him, the biggest shock he has and which will stay in his mind is losing Jiah Khan.

“The police interrogation, jail food, hygiene was a small price to pay as someone’s life had gone. I did not cry in front of my parents, as I knew they would feel bad. I cried when I came back home hugging my pillow,” said an emotionally charged Sooraj.

Sooraj Pancholi also confessed that Jiah Khan (Nafisa Khan) deserved better things in life and it is really unfortunate. Everything in his house still reminds him of her. “I couldn’t really help her…I have always been calm as a person, but even the 5% anger I had in my life has gone away.”

He signs off saying that he has always loved Jiah. “I don’t mind if my name is associated with her all my life as my heart is still connected with hers. I still love her.”

Sooraj may have the brashness in his looks like his father Aditya Pancholi, but on the emotional front he seems to be like his mother Zarina Wahab, restrained and quiet. Either way, it’s good to see the lad back on his feet, upbeat, charged for now proving a bigger point. His acting!


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