A Special Fan Treats Deepika Padukone To South Indian Food Every Time They Meet!


Deepika Padukone is known to have a huge fan following and makes it a point to acknowledge and appreciate their love for her.

Aparna who studies in college in Pune is one such fan who keeps in touch with Deepika and her team.

As fans like to keep a tab on their stars favourite things, Aparna an ardent fan of Deepika has discovered the actress’s weakness. The Piku actress is a huge fan of south Indian dishes especially the south Indian rasam. This is Deepika’s favourite delicacy.

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And so, every time she meets Deepika, she makes sure to bring her some delicious dishes, which includes a dollop of rasam, which is her all-time favorite! The girl is always in touch with Deepika’s team just to make sure on not loosing the opportunity of treating the actress

Deepika, being a true Bangalore girl and a foodie, is a big fan of homemade rasam, and whenever Aparna meets her, she usually carries a good amount of home-cooked rasam for the actress.

Deepika, who is always emotionally moved by such gestures, makes it a point to stay connected with her fans through social media and enjoys interacting with them, whenever she has the time.

Fans write to her on a regular basis, and Deepika tries her best to take time out of her busy schedule and keep in touch with them.

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