SRK, Salman Are Actors And Rivals: Salim Khan

Salman Khan’s father and brother, Salim Khan and Sohail Khan, have come out requesting people to not read too much into the hug Salman gave Shah Rukh Khan.

MUMBAI: For many Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan fans, when the two stars hugged at Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party on Sunday, it was probably the event of the year. But now two members from Salman Khan’s family have come out to calm everyone down.


Sohail Khan, director of Salman Khan’s upcoming ‘Jai Ho’ (earlier titled ‘Mental’) says that the two stars “just greeted each other. There is nothing more to it.” Sohail Khan was present at the Iftar party along with his brother, so could what he said have some semblance of truth?

Salim Khan, the legendary writer, too, was present at the party. He had some pearls of wisdom for the media and people as well. Giving examples of Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar, he says, “Please don’t give so much importance to it. There are disagreements between miyaan-biwi, neighbours, society and so many other individuals. They are actors and rivals. Inke problems hote hain aur solve bhi ho jaate hain. I have always maintained that there can never be any love between any two big stars, only courtesy. It is not possible for big stars to love each other. Even stars like Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar were just courteous to each other. Salman and Shah Rukh must have decided to be mature and courteous and that is something that must be maintained.”

Giving his own example, Salim Khan added, “Javed (Akhtar) and I stopped being partners years ago but we are fighting for the rights of Zanjeer together.” He did say, though, that Shah Rukh Khan had always treated him with respect. “We are all civilised people and Shah Rukh has always treated me with civility and respect whenever we have met. I am his senior and he has given me that respect. That’s our culture. I met him at the ‘Don’ premiere. My other children talk to him.”

Salim Khan also bashed the media for making a mountain out of a molehill. “Just because they patched up it’s not as if the country’s problems will get solved, no? They hugged each other lekin isse Uttarakhand mein jo ho raha hai, ya Kashmir mein, those problems won’t get solved. Kaande ka bhav toh nahi girega na? The disagreements between stars are not national problems as the media is making it out to be.”

But he still is proud that his son decided to end their disagreements. “I am happy that my son has taken the initiative. It was a sensible thing to do and a much-needed gesture and Shah Rukh reciprocated.”

Whatever Salman Khan’s faction may be saying, it does look like Shah Rukh Khan himself has taken this hug very personally. Maybe he truly does want to let bygones be bygones.

Whatever the truth in this tale, we hope something good comes out of it for both the actors (and their fans too).

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