Star Kids At A Loose End

There currently seems to be a hurdle in the launch of a new generation of star-children and that hurdle seem to come from the star-children themselves.

MUMBAI: Some months ago there was serious talk of Anil Kapoor’s son Harshvardhan making his entry into cinema by assisting Anurag Kashyap. Harshvardhan is no more interested in movies at the moment.Plans  for the boy to assist Anurag Kashyap have been dropped.

Says the protective father Anil, “The stint with Anurag Kashyap is at the moment, not happening. Harshvardhan is just a student at the moment.I think we should leave him alone. Let him find his bearings in life.”

On probing we were told by a  family friend of the Kapoors that Sonam Kapoor’s kid-brother is not sure of what he wants to do in his life, or whether he wants to be in films at all.

“Harsh’s cousin Arjun Kapoor made his debut as a leading man this year. Harsh isn’t sure if he wants to do all that he saw cousin doing on screen, or if he wants go into the family tradition. Anil is okay with his boy’s uncertainties. He  doesn’t want to force Harsh into any career decision,” says the Kapoor friend.

Another star-kid, Dharmendra and Hema Malini’s younger born Ahana’s film career is also on hold. Last year Ahana was all set to do ‘Romeo & Juliet’ with director Aparna Sen at the helm. But she soon changed her mind. Apparently Ahana is not keen on a movie career.

Says her protective mother Hema, “She is looking around, trying to find her bearings in life. It isn’t the way it was with me. My mother decided I had to be an actress and I just did what she asked me to. Ahana is  a far more independent-minded girl. She’ll take her time to decide on a career. Her father and I are in no hurry. Why out unnecessary pressure on her?”

While star-kids waltzed into movie  careers in the 1990s and the decade that followed, there currently seems to be a hurdle in the launch of a new generation of star-children and that hurdle seem to come from the star-children themselves.

The neo-starkids don’t seem that enthusiastic about a film career. For every Renee Sen (Sushmita’s daughter) who says she wants to be an actress, there’s a Jahnvi Kapoor (Sridevi’s daughter) expressing uncertainty about following in her mother’s footsteps.

Contrary to reports Suneil Shetty’s daughter Aathiya is not the least inclined to a film career. Says her proud papa, “Aathiya is into academics. I think she is looking at a career option outside movies. But if she wants to be an actress I am okay with it.”

Unlike Anil’s heir-apparent who is unsure of cinema as his future, Anil’s former best-friend Jackie Shoff’s son Tiger has been training to be an actor from his adolescence. He is all set to be launched by producer Sajid Nadiadwala in ‘Hero-panti’. But his launch is suspended  for the want of a suitable leading lady.

Govinda’s daughter Narmadda is all set for a movie career. But she has been waiting for the right break for the past three years.

Somewhere, somehow the influx of star kids would slacken if not wind down completely in the coming year. A heartening development for star aspirants from outside the entertainment industry.

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