Sultan New Still: Anushka Sharma In Action And Looks Tougher Than Salman Khan!


Anushka-Sharma-3Anushka-Sharma-2 Anushka-Sharma-1 Anushka-Sharma[tps_footer]Not only Salman Khan, but even actress Anushka Sharma is leaving no stone unturned to get into the skin of the character for their upcoming film Sultan. Anushka Sharma who will also be seen in intense look, is nowhere behind to give a competition to Salman Khan.

Here’s the new still from Ali Abbas Zafar’s Sultan featuring Anushka Sharma in tough look. The ‘PK’ actress shared the picture of her in action with a caption, “Dhobi pachad In action #Sultan . Straight from the shoot.

Moreover anything the actress is giving her best to play the part to perfection and is really amazing. Now we can hardly wait to see Anushka in such tough and rough look. Though the film is majorly based on Salman Khan who will be seen as a wrestler in the film, Anushka Sharma’s role is prominent too in the film.

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Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and presented by Yash Raj Films, Sultan is based on wrestling. It already gives the audience an idea that this is not an ordinary wrestling film. Salman Khan, who will be playing the role of a wrestler in ‘Sultan’, has been training hard for the role. The actor plays the role of a Haryanvi wrestler.

Also, Salman Khan has undergone through intense training for the film with daily 4-hour training session with action director Larnell Stovall. Larnell had specially arrived to India from Los Angeles to train the actor in wrestling and mixed martial arts. Sultan is slated to release this year on Eid.[/tps_footer]