Sunil Grover As Mashoor Gulati And Rinku Bhabhi Back On Sony TV



These pictures show that Sunil Grover has finally moved on from The Kapil Sharma Show.

National Comedian Kapil Sharma’s leading characters Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi AKA Sunil Grover have left the show as we all know. Following news had updates that these two characters might be seen somewhere else and that too on the same channel? Yes!

Sunil Grover after leaving the show was a bit confused on continuing his journey and then reportedly he was set to work with Sony TV itself as per contract rules. But not on the Kapil Sharma Show #Specifications. We all know that he concluded to work on his contract after doing a few live shows in the new and old Delhi.

What has to be there, is always there. These pictures are a proof that Sunil Grover is sticking to his contract and is continuing to work with Sony TV, but on ‘Indian Idol.’ He looks quite happy and dedicated as ever for his performance.

Now, can we say that Sunil Grover has finally moved on from his past? It looks like he is enjoying and so is the audience. Stay in touch with BusinessofCinema to reveal what happens next with Sunil Grover.