Sunil Grover Is Missing To Be On The Kapil Sharma Show?


Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma’s fight is taking a new twist with each passing day. 

There seems to be no possibility of Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma getting back. It all started after Kapil abused and humiliated Sunil Grover on a flight from Melbourne to India. However, Kapil took to twitter and apologized to Sunil but nothing worked out in his favour. Instead, Sunil Grover hit back to him then saying that he should respect people and not act like a God.

Reportedly, Kapil Sharma was shooting yesterday for the upcoming episode of his show with Raveena Tandon as his guests. On the other hand, Sunil was shooting in the next studio for his performance as Dr. Mashoor Gulati on the Indian Idol 5. Despite in the same vicinity, the two did not reach out to each other to interact or sort out the things.

Now as per a leading tabloid, Sony TV channel was supposed to renew Sunil Grover’s contract but that is dicey now. Sunil Grover is keeping his friends telling that he is missing to be on the show but does not want to return back at any cost after that humiliation. He is yet to decide his next move.

While Sunil was in Delhi for his live performance, Sunil Grover also revealed that he is not only heading for the live shows but that’s the option he has if nothing happens in the future.

When further asked why he thinks nothing else will happen, Sunil Grover replied, “Until something else happens… I like live performances. I love performing in front of an audience. When I am doing my act on television, I don’t get to see how the audience reacts to my act. When I am on stage, I actually get to meet and see my audience and their reaction and how they love you. When one is on television, there is no immediate feedback.”

Meanwhile, do not forget to catch Sunil Grover back as Mashoor Gulati on Indian Idol Grand finale on Sunday at 8 PM.