Sunil Grover Talks About His LIVE Event After Quitting The Kapil Sharma Show!

Sunil Grover after abandoning The Kapil Sharma Show, is all set to host a LIVE show in New Delhi.

Kapil Sharma and his show has been abandoned by Sunil Grover as well as his co-workers, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhkar. While Kapil has been trying hard to bring back his original team on the sets of TKSS, Dr. Gulati seems to be in no mood to join him back.

After the ugly spat between the two of them, Kapil took to Twitter saying that it’s their personal matter and they will resolve it as brothers. He pleaded media to stay out of it.

But when the things did not seem to work for him, he again tweeted apologising to Sunil for doing anything that has hurt him. To which the actor-comedian replied by saying that yes, he has hurt him and has made him realise that it is his show and that he can throw out anybody, anytime. He also advised Kapil not to act like God.

Such a cold-hearted note from Sunil and then also Kapil had no curt response to it. This shows how desperately he wants him back on his show. After all, the character of Dr. Mashoor Gulati is one of the most loved characters on his show and his show won’t be able to survive without him.

But as desperately as the comedy king is trying to bring back Dr. Gulati, Sunil is as firm to not to return to him. Recently, in an interaction with the media, he talked about his upcoming LIVE show in New Delhi. The actor-comedian said that it is a Live gig and he usually keeps doing this, and he is looking forward to it.

Kapil has already shot two episodes without his original team and the audience response was in the favour of Sunil. It will be interesting to see what he does next to save his show!

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