Now Sunil Grover’s Friend OPENS UP Like Never Before On Fight With Kapil Sharma

Every day a new story of Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover spat in unfolding.

For all those who don’t know what the story is all about, Kapil Sharma a few days ago had a mid-air brawl with his co-star Sunil Grover. It was when the comedy king was in a drunken state that he abused his co-star and even threatened to throw him out of the show. The two of them were returning from Melbourne when the fight took place.

Recently there was news of Sunil Grover quitting the show. Speaking to Bollywood Hungama, Sunil has again come up saying, “I am very relaxed, very introspective, deep in thought about my future plans… I am just watching all the tamasha that’s going on. It’s very entertaining.”

His friend also had a say on the matter, when he admitted that it was not the first time that Kapil has misbehaved with his team. Speaking of Sunil’s decision to quit the show, he says, “On numerous occasions, he has insulted Sunil and the other team members. Unforgivably, Sunil and the others overlooked Kapil’s growing highhandedness. ‘Chalo Chalo show record karte hain,’ they’d say every time after his rude behavior. Not this time. Kapil needs to know he is wrong. There is no going back.”

Adding on to the matter of Sunil not wanting to go back, he says, “Sunil is now taking off to an unknown destination with his wife and son for a recuperative holiday,” 

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