The Internet Is Tiresome: Salman Khan


MUMBAI: Bollywood star Salman Khan who has been always been up to date with fashion and style, reveals that he has trouble operating gadgets.

“It’s actually very tiresome. I am personally very bad with gadgets I have people who help me operate it,” said the 47 year old superstar.

Salman shares that he has hardly ever typed his own name on Google to run a search.

The ‘Dabangg’ actor was interviewed on a social platform using the latest Google+ Hangout with nine reporters from news channels of the country. Salman acknowledged the growth of IT and talked about social networking platforms, “Online the only thing I am introduced to by Arbaaz and Sonakshi is Twitter. Other than that it’s Facebook and now the Being Human website.”

The very desi and down to earth Salman says with a notorious smile, “Yes, I tweet in Hindi cum English, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t tweet ‘gyaan’ (knowledge) stuff. Nor things like I’m going to the bathroom, I am driving, etc.”

The actor believes in simple living and believes in our national motto ‘Truth alone Triumphs’. He shares that he doesn’t use a social platform to clarify himself or connect with the layman. “Jo sahi baat hai, bahar aa jata hi hai (The truth always makes its way out), makes no sense (using a social platform to clarify) because the truth does come out.”